Benefits of Owning a Credit Card

Credit cards are beneficial to anyone if used sensibly. They offer many benefits above the bank debit card as well as reassurance knowing that you have another form of transaction.

There are different types of credit cards available through standard cards that will charge a set interest rate however this will be irrelevant for individuals who pay off their balance in full, always set up a direct debit to pay the total amount in full each month so you never skip a payment and avoid charges in your account and a mark on your credit report.

Those that do pay off the full balance can use credit cards to benefit when creating transactions over £100 and up in order to £30, 000. Section 75 from the consumer credit act states that the card issuer is equally liable so should anything happen for example the retailer will go bust then you can ask the bank card company for a refund. With the present economic situation I believe a credit card is an essential item to protect you from the several companies sadly going under.

The credit card industry is highly competitive and therefore companies are always offering incentives to entice you to sign up for their card. There are cash back cards that reward a person for using the card by giving a percentage of the spending back in money or vouchers.

The newest breed of bank card is the prepaid. You preload the with money and can then take advantage of credit card protection and benefit from the additional services offered above a normal financial institution debit card.

If you have a credit card right now it is worth searching around to find out how your card compares with other cards on the market and most importantly whether or not you have the right type of card.
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In case you pay off the balance in full then you should sign up for a reward card that provides the best benefits for you making sure that the points offered are worth a good portion in cash back. If you don’t clear your balance then shift the debt to a bank card that offers zero percent. I think all of them not charge a fee for shifting debt which is around several per cent however you can find credit cards with balance transfer offers of a yr and more.