That is Better – An Onsite Or even an Online Bug Tracking Application?

When you’ve been tasked with finding an insect tracking application, you’ll find that bug trackers contain numerous differences that range from the obvious to the infinitesimal. To make the right decision, it helps to analyze a tracker’s characteristics in terms of cost and user friendliness, beginning with those that affect cost plus usability the most and moving towards those that affect them the least. If you search the Internet for advice on selecting bug trackers, you’ll encounter several sources that begin by assessing trackers in terms of options that support monitoring. But the first characteristic of trackers that you should analyze concerns the basis on which a tracker will be implemented: being an onsite system or as a software as a service (SaaS) application.

Whenever bug tracking began in the early 1980’s, all tracking systems had been onsite. But by the late 1990’s the proliferation of SaaS technology had ushered in online monitoring as an alternative to tracking onsite. Today, a few companies still conduct tracking onsite. But companies that are in the market for their first tracking system overwhelmingly select online tracking, and it’s easy to see exactly why. One advantage of tracking online is it requires no start up cost. To conduct tracking in house, you’ll need to purchase tracking software and hardware that will supports the software-a proposition that could easily cost tens of thousands of dollars based on a system’s number of users.

A second advantage of tracking online is that you have a tendency pay for system maintenance or software program upgrades. Along with the cost of hardware plus software, the tracking provider absorbs system maintenance and system update costs.
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Although system maintenance and upgrade grade cost is less expensive compared to hardware and software cost, this ultimately becomes the largest overall expenses of conducting in house tracking long term. A third advantage of online tracking is that you’re never stuck with an investment that you simply can’t liquidate. While some tracking companies require customers to sign an agreement, other providers offer their providers on a monthly, pay as you go basis, which makes it easy to pay for tracking for only as long as you need it.

In addition to being more affordable than onsite tracking, online tracking also provides the advantage of remote system access, which means that system users can access it from online terminals worldwide. Ideal for companies that have more than one location that contributes to exactly the same projects, remote access also benefits companies that have employees who travel and/or work from home. Purchasing a bug monitoring application can be a complex decision. But prioritizing the factors that affect the cost and usability of an irritate tracker can make the decision easier. In case you are currently deciding between implementing an onsite tracker and an online tracker, implementing the latter will save the most cash offer the greatest flexibility.