Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring

The getting married used to be fairly straightforward. Just like many things, they got more complicated over time. Many marriages were arranged in several cultures around the world and some still positively practice it today. An engagement ring had been never a necessary part of getting married because the responsibility of betrothal rested with the parents of the future bride and groom.
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While it seems like a very long time ago, the tradition associated with proposing marriage with a diamond gemstone actually dates back to 1477 whenever Maximilian I, Holy Roman Chief gave Mary of Burgundy an engagement ring as an engagement present It was throughout the 13th century that the practice of giving engagement rings grew to become an essential facet of Christian marriages. It was only if diamonds became a lot more affordable plus within reach of their budget that the the public started buying and giving wedding rings as gifts.

Selecting the ideal engagement ring can be daunting because we all want to give an engagement ring that will “wow” their own future lifetime partner and create the perfect atmosphere for a “yes”. Diamonds are now commonly used in engagement rings because of a clever advertising campaign by the diamond firm De Beers during the 1940s. There are a number of ring designs and precious metals to consider in the choice of a ring.

The first step is to narrow the search by choosing the ring style or style. Traditional engagement ring designs range from the simple to complex. Here, it is very important note what kind of lifestyle your partner provides. In many cases, this is in-line with your preferences as well. If your partner is informal, a simple yet attractive ring style will do. On the other hand, if your partner dresses more formal most of the time, a more sophisticated design may be appropriate. An active individual will prefer a ring that offers everyday comfort over a ring that encapsulates a huge cumbersome diamond.

Traditional gemstone designs, however , do have their restrictions. Some tend to be trendy and fall out of fashion in a couple of years. Choose a more everlasting design that won’t fade in its attractiveness over time. Another option is to go with Celtic engagement rings which make excellent rings because of their intrinsic meaning. Celtic rings tend to have an everlasting quality to them and have existed for centuries. Many Celtic designs were derived from ancient manuscripts with every symbol containing deep significance.

Following, consider the day to day accessories already worn by your partner. Does she use platinum or white gold versus yellow gold? Yellow gold has always been the favorite general. Just in the last few decades, nevertheless , platinum and white gold obtained increasing popularity because of its ability to go with many clothing ensembles. Platinum also offers the feature of being hypoallergenic for many people because of its purity but it tends to be a lot more expensive compared to gold. If budget is an issue, white gold is an excellent alternative choice. The precious metal chosen is an integral part of choosing the ideal engagement ring and will help ensure that the particular diamond engagement ring will match attractively with her existing clothing ensemble.

The third step is to choose the gemstone that will be placed in the engagement ring. Since the diamond adds a considerable percentage of the cost to an engagement ring, knowing the rating of the diamond you buy can raise or lower the overall cost significantly. In diamond grading, the “Four Cs” system is used. The first C is usually carat which is the measure of the particular diamond’s weight. The second C is definitely clarity which indicates the presence of naturally occurring diamond flaws. The third D, color, is the slight tint from the diamond. The fourth C, cut, will be the exact cut within the shape of the diamond.

Of course , if you have rough suggestions of a design you want but no longer see it anywhere and budget just isn’t an issue, customization will be a route to get. A professional jeweler can translate your ideas into a beautiful design that your partner will love for years to come.