Using the Couple’s Home As a Venue Having a Marquee Tent

Marquees come in many different shapes and sizes and can be used for almost any function. Some tent employ companies offer a free site survey. They come out to your establishment and plan everything for your day. The actual placement of the tent, parking plus general layout are looked at. Backyard features such as ponds, plant edges and statues can also be incorporated into the layout of the tent placement.

Light and colored gel overlays will create a beautiful look to any concept. They can light up your favourite functions in your garden to have it merge with the theme of your function.

The bride can also use the same shades as the bridesmaids’ dresses in the inside lining of the tent to have the colours flow through the whole function.

Flowers work beautifully with a marquee tent. It gives for a very classic, elegant look that can compliment any bride. Flower balls can be clamped to the poles or suspended from the roof of the tent.

Having the catering accomplished outside as opposed to a closed building lends itself toward a more calm, relaxed atmosphere where guests can really get to know each other and enjoy the evening together. A number of outside catering can be done from sit down dinners to spit braais in order to chocolate fountains. There can either be a separate catering tent attached to the main tent or if the tent is usually big enough it can have it all below one roof.

Some tent employ companies run a computer program that may design the complete layout for the night time, from the table setting and framing to the flowers and lighting placing, also the dance floor, lavatories and access points.

There are generally two different two main types of marquee structures that you can use for your outside function.
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The Traditional Radial Tension Roofing is perfect for brides where space is not an issue. They are very large on the inside as well as the supporting poles can be decorated along with flowers to make it a beautiful feature instead of just a pole.

The Clearspan Marque is a modular structure with no ropes. They are more versatile then the conventional tent as they can be set up straight to each other where a traditional tent can not.