The Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

The world of vacuum cleaners or vacs as they are commonly known in short is broad with a wide variety of models available to select from. Nevertheless not all vacs are suitable for vehicle cleaning. This is because home vacuum cleaners are usually bulky and hardly can fit into a vehicle with the upright handle to undertake a thorough job. Vac manufacturers have got over the years designed numerous vacs designed for use in cars. In most cases car vacs will also good a job in cleansing tight places in the home such as the stairways and so on.

One the leading and greatest car vac is the Eureka 71B handheld vacuum cleaner. This is an affordable vac costing just under $50. 00 if purchased off the internet. It has found favor with hundreds of car proprietors and boasts one of the top ratings in the industry. This particular model uses suction technology. It is lightweight making it helpful when doing a detailed job on your own vehicle. You can count on this Eureka car vac to do your car upholstery and your house sofas as well.

This car vac has been praised for its durability. Some owners have documented having this vac two years straight in perfect working order. They have turning brushes underneath which can perform a thorough job on your car flooring. This handheld has no steam cleanser. It only picks up dirt particles using its suction technology. Steaming would have been great as this can eliminate stubborn stains on your upholstery or carpet. As it stands you will need to obtain down to scrub off any stains you might encounter. Nevertheless this is nevertheless one of the best car vacuum cleaners on the market presently.
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By way of comparison you may also consider the Black and Decker PAV1200W handheld vacuum. In terms of popularity it plays 2nd fiddle to the Eureka handheld stated earlier. However in terms of ratings from satisfied users the two are in par. This Black and Decker has a better design by far when compared to Eureka one. It is thus definitely more attractive. This will appease anybody which likes the looks of home appliances. This vac has a protruding nozzle which appears to offer a greater advantage compared to the Eureka handheld when achieving under car seats and so on.

The Dark and Decker sells online for about $45. 00 which is a little more costly compared to the Eureka. Ultimately between the 2 the buyer will have to make a decision. For now the particular Eureka handheld appears to be the best vehicle vacuum cleaner.